Mount Kenya National Park And Forest National Reserve

Mount Kenya National Park And Forest National Reserve

Mount Kenya National Park And Forest National Reserve. In the first place you need to know that Mount Kenya National Park and Reserve is notably imposing extinct volcano not only that but it also dominating the landscape of the Kenya Highlands.

As an illustration Mount Kenya rests around 140 km north, in fact North East of Nairobi together with its Northern flanks across the Equator. Most compelling evidence is that the mount has two summits which are  Batian (5200m) as well as Nelion (5188m).

Moreover, the Mount Kenya slopes are cloaked inasmuch as with forest, bamboo and shrub but also moorland. This is to say that the moorland gives way on the elevated central peaks to rock not only that but also ice and snow.

As the matter of fact Mount Kenya is Africa’s second highest peak. Another key point is that Mount Kenya is a UNESCO World Heritage site not only that but also seat of the Kikuyu god Ngai. Equally important the reserve is home-based to exceptional species of animals.

Above all these the reserve is also notable for its remarkable lakes, mineral springs but also woodlands. Important to realize is the mountain is truly important watershed in the hope that it providing water for about 50% of Kenya’s population. In fact the reserve also creates 70% of Kenya’s hydroelectric power.

Mount Kenya National Park And Forest National Reserve

Generally speaking the park consists of a wide range of habitats that ar counting from dense forest but also bamboo and alpine moorlands. Not olny that but also glaciers, tarns together with glacial morains.

Furthermore Mount Kenya Park which occupies 715 km2, is also a notably and significantly Biosphere Reserve. Must be remembered that Mount Kenya is also includes the peaks consisting of all the ground more than 2450m along the Sirimon but also the Naro Moru tracks. In particular enclosing the park is Mount Kenya National Reserve. To clarify the sanctuary is generally estimated to cover an area of about 2095 km2.


Best Time To Go: Notably January – February but also July – October


Where to Stay: Indeed there are huts on the mountain not only that but also lodges as well as private camps in the surrounding area.


Getting There: By road from Nairobi (3-4 hour drive).

Mount Kenya National Park And Forest National Reserve

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